Create Mesh Clothing

Create custom clothing in Marvelous Designer and Blender.
Use our Blender Mesh Kit to fit your clothing to the ♥ Momma body.
The Blender Mesh Kit is free!

Watch this video to learn how best to rig to the body.

What makes ♥ Momma special in Second Life.

  • It has a growing fetus inside of it where you have the option to see it grow.
  • It gives birth and you receive an Animesh Newborn.
  • It comes with a Mood Meter so other avatars can know how you feel.
  • It has a comprehensive pregnancy experience and free Partner Hud.
  • It allows you to wear the same outfit during the entire duration of pregnancy.
  • The belly is controlled with animation and not sliders.

Please fill out the form below to get access to the Mesh Blender Kit.

Once you enter your information you will have access to OBJ files of the body, nails and tights to create and sell your own Skins and Appliers.

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I acknowledge that the above information is accurate and true. I agree to not redistribute this kit. I will use it for the sole purpose to create clothing and / or animations for the ♥ Momma body.